Smoking wood from Plant® is certified and a natural quality product

Our company produces high-quality smoking chips and friction logs for manufacturers of smoked foods (such as butchers, smokehouses, supermarkets, etc.) and for wholesalers, which in turn supply a variety of medium-sized food manufacturers. Our customers include companies in Germany and abroad.

Smoke material accounts for only a small proportion of the production costs of smoked foods. On the other hand, the appearance, taste and shelf life of fish, meat, sausage and cheese etc. are significantly improved by smoking. It is even more important for our customers that our smoking wood meets their high expectations and has a consistently high quality.

Of course, in the food industry and its suppliers, quality products must also comply with the legal requirements of food production. Therefore, we  guarantee that our wood is natural. 

We have established a HACCP system that complies with the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius and Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on food hygiene.

Decisive for the quality of our products and their application in smoke production plants is the quality of the wood we buy. To ensure that our customers receive consistent quality products, we only process fresh, PEFC-certified logs, which we obtain from forestry offices in our area. The logs are selected by us individually according to certain quality grades.